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About-Bengali Time

A News writer and blogger created Bengali Time. The main objective of Bengali Time is to deliver the latest information to the fastest reader. Many expert writers work tirelessly day and night to make this news blog.

The main objective of Bengali Time is to build its readers a loyal base of online news viewing audience on the web and mobile. We are committed to providing fast and accurate news covering national, international, user interest information, entertainment news, technology, business news, sports news, lifestyle news etc.

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At the time of planning this website, the owners and all authors were fully determined as to that’s why this news website has been created. Social media news and technology, user satisfaction is our main priority, \\\\

Bengali Time aims to provide users with information that helps them in daily life, as well as content that provides entertainment and satisfies the urge to read.

You will get all kinds of information on this Bengali Time website–

  • Education
  • Entertainments
  • Tv Shows
  • Health
  • Politics
  • Technology
  • Life & Style
  • sports
  • Other Top Storys etc…

Bengali Time Team Members –

My name is Aparna Pyne. I have been working in the field of Blogging Career past 7 years. first, I started in this field with educational websites.

Founder of UkmgNews.com or I’m the Head of content Strategy. After this, now I am working in the latest website bengalitime.com. Here I create Content & web stories on the topics of Education, Sports, Business, finance, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Technology related content.

Aparna Pyne, Founder of bengalitime.com

Sagnik Paul 

 My name is Sagnik Paul, I am from Kolkata. I started blogging with Blogger in 2020. On that blog I used to share funny entertainment news and celeb biography related information. And today I am giving my full service in Bengali. Here My job is to deliver correct, useful, and unique latest news to the people of India through bengalitime.com. 

Bengali Time aims to provide clean and factual information to India. Thank you, Vande Mataram.

Stay informed, stay inspired, and enjoy your Bengali Time! and follow our social media platform.

The Bengali Time Team

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